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Let us rub minds and delve into the hearts of your customer needs. Driven by innovation and creativity, we will help in generating many solutions to a single problem, weighing risks, identifying assumptions and complementary angles, we will settle for strategic choices that suites where you are in your business.

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Businesses, especially startups, have limited resources to achieve their objectives, that is why it is crucial to weigh all options before setting goals so as to determine the most practical routes to take. Using a three step process, we will determine actions that need to be taken to achieve your goals given the resources at your disposal and the environment within which you operate.

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Our first step is to interview key stakeholders, existing customers, or potential ones using standard UX research principles. We will also review relevant documents provided they are available, and publicly available competition or market information. This will allow us to formulate or better understand the problems statements.

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Typical questions we ask are:

  • What are your business objectives or interest?
  • What is considered "value" to your customer or constituency?
  • Which features and benefits should be included or excluded from your portfolio of offerings and why?
  • What is the geographic scope of your business?
  • In your customers and other stakeholders perspective, what makes you stand out?

Second step is to take all the input, and generate ideas using techniques such as brainwriting, mind mapping, creative thinking, critical thinking, figure storming, rapid ideation. We choose the appropriate technique that matches the nature of the problem and come up with complementary and alternative actions for solving your problems.

Third step involves documentation and describing the strategic plans, and actions plus how it should be implemented. This includes cost associated with its implementations in terms of money and time. Documentation may also include a competitive landscape, a guiding policy for achieving the the set goals, or an Technology architecture or framework with performance metrics to keep an eye on.

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We provide strategic technology development services to founders who cannot afford to hire a CTO or assemble a technical team.


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