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Software that works is crucial for winning market competition

According to a report conducted by McKinsey and University of Oxford, software budget runs 66% over budget and 33% over time

Studies and experience have shown that software crises is due to unclear objectives, poor requirements, unaligned teams and bloated operational management. Sadly, these translates into painful financial loss

Our main goal is to help you cross this hurdle

We guarantee you a working app from idea in 5 weeks

With top-notch attention to detail. You will get:

  • Production-grade software deliverables
  • Maintainable Code
  • Concise Documentation
  • Clear requirements
  • Scalable Architecture
  • Support Packages

We specialise in a carefully handpicked software stack that takes you to market within a short frame of time and within budget

If your obejectives are not covered by our ready made stack, we will help you make strategic choices to build within a set budget.

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What we do?


Let us rub minds and delve into the hearts of your customer needs. Driven by innovation and creativity...


A clear roadmap showing the vision of your product is most likely to be achieved when...


Quality and reliable systems is the bedrock of a successful software product...


A prototype is a valuable asset. By validating key assumptions through customer feedback...


As customers grow, technology resources should match up. When this does it happen...


Dami was the technical lead for a complex data product at Beamly where his deep technical knowledge was complemented by his methodical approach to problem solving, drive, and focus on delivery. A top engineer and a genuinely nice guy - I'd work with Dami again in a heartbeat

Neil Saunders, Director, Digital Infrastructure & Operations at COTY

Dami has done some great work for us on a short term (3 month) contract - he was quick to get up and running and efficient in delivering results. Would be happy to work with him again any time.

Tim Wilson, Founder / Director at 3P Strategy Limited
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We provide strategic technology development services to founders who cannot afford to hire a CTO or assemble a technical team.


20-22, Wenlock Road London England N1 7GU

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