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As customers grow, technology resources should match up. When this does it happen, bottleneck creates a defective service that in turn leads to customer churn. There are various types of bottleneck that can send your systems crashing. We will diagnose your system and redesign your architecture for scale by identifying existing bottlenecks. Whatever your growth challenges are we can help you solve them.

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scalability testing

The first step to determining the limits of your systems and application is to simulate user oad incrementally. Under a highload, your applications should not be compromised and should be available. We scale up in increments as each stage identifies a different issue. Small loads tests that the system functions as it should on a basic level. Medium loads testthat the system can function as expected level. High loads test the system can cope with a high load or surge in request traffic.

Successful testing will identify most of the issues which could be related to the network, database or hardware/software.

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A general approach for solving scalability problems is auto-scaling, we adopt auto-scaling strategies for various components of your system using cloud Read more

Database Scalability

The amount of the volume or size of requests, or the amount of data your process can result in database bottlenecks. Requests come in various Read more

Vertical Scaling

If query optimization does not solve your database problems, vertical scaling might be the solution. This involves maximally configuring your systems to Read more


In case vertical scaling is not a suitable solution from our analysis, we can help you migrate your database into a horizontal architecture.
Read more


Another technique for scale is to split tables into multiple partitions based on the ranges of values in a key, depending on the nature of your software Read more


For read-heavy database applications, we can design a replication strategy to guarantee high availability.

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